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What Is Colloidal Silver?

The best and most effective method of production of Colloidal Silver is the electrical process since it is the only method which preserves the homogeneity, minuteness of granule size, and the purity and stability to create a true colloid.

It can also be produced from grinding but this does not produce evenness of particle size nor micro fine particles and it is necessary to mix with other materials such as protein mixes to prevent the particles settling.

Ionic Silver is less effective when taken orally than colloidal silver because the ions mix with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to produce silver chloride. Although harmless, this form of silver is not an effective anti-microbial. Colloidal silver also contains some ions (positively charged atoms) and so it is best to take it between meals.

Silver is referred to as a transition metal in chemical literature, along with copper and gold. They are metals that are heavier than the life giving light metals, such as sodium, calcium, and potassium, yet lighter than the toxic heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Gold and silver are considered noble metals because they tend to not react easily to form compounds. The transition metals are known for their catalytic properties. (A catalyst is a substance which alters the rate at which a chemical reaction takes place without actually being consumed by the reaction).

Colloidal Silver Is An Exceptional Antibiotic

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic that appears to kill most types of viruses, fungi and bacteria, and it appears to be harmless to all parts of the body. While many antibiotics harm the liver and kidneys, Colloidal Silver is reported to promote healing and well being by many complementary health practitioners.


Colloidal Silver is non-toxic to mammals, reptiles, plants and all living things that are not one-celled only. One-celled life uses a different method of chemistry: oxygen metabolism. Herein lies its weakness! Since Colloidal Silver acts only catalytically, it does not enter into any chemical reaction with body tissues. The mere presence of Colloidal Silver near any virus, fungus or bacterium (ANY one-celled, disease-causing pathogen) will immediately immobilise its oxygen-metabolising enzyme, or chemical lung, and will therefore suffocate and die within five minutes to be cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and eliminatory systems. (See below for more detail).

Multidrug resistant (M.D.R.) germs are now at epidemic proportions responsible for an ever growing number of serious infectious disorders. Silver, however has been reported to effectively neutralise hundreds of these germs, where antibiotics are effective in significantly fewer, as strains become resistant to prescription drugs. Findings indicate that germs are unable to build a resistance to a properly prepared electrocratic colloid of the element silver.

To date there have been no recorded negative silver / drug interaction, and the allopathic prescription pharmaceuticals of today are no more likely to react with silver in the body than did the powerful herbs of yester year.

A properly prepared electrocratic silver colloid solution may prove to be a unique discovery, able to be used in preventative and curative medicine.

How It Works Against Bacteria

Pathogenic bacteria are negatively charged and are anaerobic (non-oxygen breathing organisms), and if oxidized will die. Thus, to prevent oxidization, they carry an enzyme to specifically repel negatively charged oxygen. If this enzyme is disabled so that they lose this negatively charge, or if oxygen is supplied in a form such that it is reactive to negatively charged pathogens, such as ozone water or hydrogen peroxide, the bacteria will be oxidized and the reaction is ultimately lethal to the pathogen.

It thus follows that negatively charged bacteria, and negatively charged oxygen will both be attracted to and will bind with silver particles – which are positive. Since the negative charge is neutralized through an electron transfer with the particle of silver each can now easily combine with the other, and will do so, oxidizing the pathogen and destroying it.

Not only will it result in the catalytic oxidation of the bacteria or other pathogens, but since almost all pathogens are negatively charged and the silver is positively charged, the silver and pathogen are attracted to each other via a static attraction causing interactions much faster and at much larger distances than would be expected by pure chance of collision.

However aerobic bacteria, those that breath oxygen, do not carry a negative charge. This enables the good bacteria to attract oxygen which they require to breathe. One would expect that aerobic bacteria would not be killed by silver. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life.

How It Works Against Fungus

A fungus is a series of single cells having tiny tubes of the material of the cell wall stretched between the cells. Whether more linear in its spread-and-expand mode or, alternately, more like a fabric in its reproductive mode, a fungus will still exhibit that characteristic of any one-celled bacterium - that particular type of chemical lung which is instantly immobilised by the presence of Colloidal Silver. It takes only minutes to suffocate the attacking fungus.

How It Works Against A Virus

A single virus will invade a living cell of body tissue. The pathogen will take over the nucleus of the cell and alter its production/reproductive mechanism to replicate the virus instead of the enzyme, hormone or other chemical the body would normally have produced for itself within that cell.

Another interesting thing also happens. As the virus affects the cell for its own purposes, part of the response of that living cell is that it reverts to a more primitive form of cell structure and chemistry. The oxygen-metabolising enzyme, or chemical lung, in the cell wall reverts also. This more primitive form of enzyme is vulnerable to the effect of Colloidal Silver. The catalytic effect of the Colloidal Silver simply being near the enzyme of this cell results in the enzymes being suffocated. It cannot function to bring oxygen into the cell, and that virus-producing cell now dies. It will suffocate within six minutes, and the body will eliminate it as it would any other of the millions of cells that end their usefulness each day.

The list below serves as a guideline to those conditions which have responded well to treatment with Colloidal Silver:

It Serves As A Second Immune System

Taking Colloidal Silver daily is like having a second immune system. It lessens the load on the body's natural immune system and effectively kills many bugs present throughout the body. In addition, it lessens the toxicity due to the average amount of germ, virus and fungus activity that occurs naturally in the body. However, tests indicate that, due to the high absorption of silver in the small intestine, the friendly bacterium in the large intestine is NOT affected.

This 'second immune system' acts parallel to, and independent of the body's own first line of defence.

Safety and Quality

Colloidal Silver is harmless to humans and is tasteless and non irritant unlike silver nitrate which is still used in modern medicine. It is odourless, non-stinging, non-burning, and harmless to the eyes and skin.

No negative effect on any human organ has been recorded to date.

There has never been a drug interaction reported between colloidal silver and any other medication.

The Colloidal Silver you purchase should contain NO artificial stabilizers, NO chemical additives and NO trace elements of any kind, although these are present in some silver products on the market. It should not require shaking before use and if it requires refrigeration some other ingredient is present.

A quality Colloidal Silver will have a small particle size which has far more to do with its anti-microbe effect than a high silver concentration per se. This is because smaller particles present a larger surface area for contact with microbes.
Since the color of a substance is the complement of the color absorbed, colloidal silver will go from clear to very light yellow, gold, orange, red, blue and green. Colloids that contain a broad range of sizes can absorb wavelengths across the spectrum resulting in brown and black. It is generally accepted that only clear to light gold silver colloids have particle sizes small enough to be effective, and to be able to reach the blood stream.

  1. Colloidal Silver is recommended to be stored in glass or grade 1 P.E.T plastic bottles only (never metal) as there is an inherent electrical charge in the hydro carbon molecule that will draw the charged silver particles out of solution if stored in any other plastic. These particles fall out of suspension and bond to the inside walls of plastic containers rendering the product worthless. The P.E.T (polytetro flouroethelene) plastic bottles are produced using a special Swiss patented process which ensures the silver colloids are not pulled out of solution in this product.
  2. Store in a cupboard or another dark place. Sunlight or room light will quickly degrade silver colloid by turning the solution gray or black, just as exposure to light darkens the silver in camera film.
  3. Do not freeze, refrigerate (as the long term electrical charge of the refrigerator can force the silver out of suspension), or expose to other rapid temperature changes (such as a hot car).
  4. Laboratory tests have shown that silver colloids over 30ppm (parts per million) are unnecessary and that an optimum solution would be between 10 and 30 ppm.


Argyria is a non fatal condition which tints the skin a greyish pallor. There have never been any reported cases of argyria from taking electrically produced colloidal silver in over 200 years.

History of Colloidal Silver

Silver, a powerful, natural antibiotic, has been used for thousands of years, (the Druids and the Egyptians using silver in many forms ) with no harmful side effects ever being recorded.

The soldiers of the Confederate Army in the war between the North and the South were known to swallow a real silver dollar. This was believed to ward off all main types of infectious bacteria as the soldiers were sometimes in water up to their necks with serious gaping wounds. Many of them believed they escaped serious illnesses by the ingestion of a silver dollar. Great Grandma put a silver dollar in the milk to keep it from spoiling as it sat on the back porch in the summertime, and it is a matter of historical fact that the ancient Greeks knew the medicinal value of silver.

People of high rank, such as kings and emperors, Czars, sultans and in modern days members of the royal family, politicians and other well-to-do families knew the benefits of ingestion of silver. They ate their food from silver plates and bowls, using silver cutlery, drank their liquids from silver goblets and chalices, resulting in small amounts of silver being ingested into their bodies. They were, in every sense of the word, immune to most viruses and bacterial infection. Often, these people have been referred to as blue bloods, due to the fact that the ingestion of silver, over an extended period of time, turned their blood a slight blue colour – a harmless condition known as Argyria. The commoners did not have the luxury of being able to eat from expensive dinnerware, and as a result were frequently sick and died from many different infections. There is virtually no danger of argyria happening today if using pure silver (99.999%) in the electro-manufacturing process of the colloid.

Those fortunate enough to have the luxury of eating from silver dinnerware enjoyed the freedom from sickness it afforded them. Even in the womb, babies were subject to protection from infection, and at birth there was very little trouble with blood disease and other nasty infections that were prevalent at the time.

Silver was used in all major wars to ward off impending disease that could infect soldiers in battle who were unable to get the proper medical attention that they needed. It was invaluable to the early coal mining men who were subject to subterranean infection of cuts and gashes caused during their every day work. Yet those who knew and ingested the silver rarely experienced any infection. Colloidal silver was in common use in the USA from the late 1800's until 1938. It was prescribed many diseases and infections known at the time because it was cheap in comparison to modem day drugs and antibiotics. During 1938, manufacturing methods were changed from the original method to one which produced a more concentrated product. This method is still used today and is relatively in-expensive. This makes the product much cheaper than even today's man-made antibiotics. Another advantage to the general public is the fact that it is available without a prescription. In almost all countries of the free world, the medical fraternity are now considering colloidal silver, as it is enjoying a revival in most public health sectors.

The use of colloidal silver on a daily basis is still widespread today, with those people who have the knowledge passed down through their families for generations. Those who are fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of this wondrous substance very rarely suffer from ailments of any kind, and seldom do they get sick or "catch" things such as viruses, colds or flu.

These people are aware that by taking colloidal silver on a daily basis, their chances of infection through severe burn injuries, viruses, bacterial infection of an open wound or an out break of bio-toxins are drastically reduced. They also enjoy better digestion, with minor cuts and abrasions healing within days.
Today, Colloidal Silver is rapidly gaining favour in the medical community, reflecting a kind of revival in the public health sector and a refreshingly open minded medical fraternity. Dr. Richard L Davies, Executive Director of the Utah Silver Institute, which monitors silver technology in 37 countries, reported in 1978: that in a little less than 4 years 87 new medicinal uses for silver were described in relieving suffering and saving lives.

The author of "The Body Electric", Dr Robert Becker, noted in his studies a correlation between low silver levels and illness: Those who had low silver levels became sick with innumerable colds, flu, fever and other illnesses.

He said he believed a silver deficiency was the reason for the improper functioning of the immune system and that silver is critical in the destruction of bacteria without any side effects and without any damage to the cells of the body.

Becker also states that the silver ion (colloidal state) was doing something more than killing disease-causing organisms. It was, he observed, causing major growth stimulation of injured tissues. When human fibroblast cells (common throughout the body), are exposed to silver, they dedifferentiate. That is, they changed into an embryonic, general cell, able to multiply at a great rate, and then differentiate into the specialized cells of the organ or tissue that was injured. Even in patients more than 50 years of age, tissues healed as easily as a child's tissues.

Again, Becker concluded that in the presence of the silver ion, cancer cells changed back to normal cells, regardless of their location in the body. He concluded that the presence of the silver ion regenerates tissue and eliminates cancerous cells, as well as eliminating other abnormal cells. Moreover, Dr Bjorn Nordstrom of Sweden's Karolinska Institute has used silver in his cancer cure methods for many years. He records that he has successfully cured patients who had been diagnosed by other doctors as terminally ill.

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The information provided on this website should not be used to diagnose disease, or to replace medical advice. In all cases you should first refer to your G.P, or other qualified health professional to diagnose any health concern that you may have and for guidance as to the appropriate treatment, including any products listed on this website.


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